Wild Wild Riches Pragmatic Play Slot Game

Get ready to unleash the mood with another Irish-themed captivating game launched through Pragmatic Play. They had some previous experience,but they decided to avoid lengthy bonus campaigns and classic bonus games. Instead, Wild Wild Riches is centered around the Money Collect feature, and as the title suggests, you’ll need Wilds to win in that game. As you may be used to, you can not only insert regular symbols, but also trigger almost all the features in the game.

The game is set on the grass of the Green Island with a rainbow on the right, the game takes 2-2-4-4-4 non-traditional reel settings for the game. You have 576 ways to win here and can bet between 25p and £ 125 per spin on all platforms and devices. You’ll spin the reels into an engaging Irish folk melody, and it’s hard not to be happy and captivated by the game’s optimistic and happy luck attitude. But don’t let the charm of Ireland melt your heart too much, because you’ll soon find that this highly volatile creature can be cruel to those who accidentally stampede.

In the base game here,a single payout can reach up to your bet 4,608 X, and you can win more in the bonus round. The money collection function is at the heart of the operation, and it is implemented when you combine the gold can and wilds onto the first two turntables. This happens regularly in the base game and helps to break the routine sanding. However, this is even more in the bonus round,where you can also win 3 different fixed jackpots and win up to 5x multipliers on the last reel.

What are the extra features

Irish luck themes usually come with Coin Tracking and Pick’em bonus games, but Wild Wild Riches is not. The pragmatic company has decided to go the other way completely,and there’s a lot to look forward to in the base game here.

You can place a pot of gold symbols on reels 3, 4, and 5, which are special symbols with cash values. The cash value ranges from 1 to 25 times your principal, and you can also place jackpot and multiplier symbols on only runner 5. Multiplier symbols can be multiplied by 2x, 3x and 5x multipliers, the fixed jackpot is as follows:

The value of the Super Jackpot is 500 times your bet
The big jackpot is worth 100 times your bet
The mini jackpot is worth 50 times your bet

When you have at least 1 wild on reels 1 and 2 at the same time, you can harvest the gold pot cash bonus and/or multiplier and Jackpot. If there is garbled on reels 1 and 2, all pot cash values will be aggregated and any multipliers will be applied.

Let’s illustrate with an example. If you drop the wilds on the 1st and 2nd wheels, plus 2 Gold cans worth 10 times, and then add a 2x multiplier on the 5th wheel, you will win (10 + 10) x 2 = 40x. If you place the jackpot symbol on the reel 5 instead of the multiplier, you will win the corresponding jackpot as described above.

Pre-note function

You can enable the“bet”feature in this game, which adds additional wildcards to symbols that may appear on wheels 1 and 2. In fact, the chances of triggering a feature are doubled(collecting feature or bonus round), but you have to pay 20% more for each spin.

Free spins in Wild Wild Riches

Triggering the free spins bonus round also involves a wild drop on the 2nd reel and then placing the bonus symbol on reel 3.This gives you 10 free spins to start with, and now you can expect that in addition to more features, the Money Collect feature you may be used to the base game. You can also re trigger the bonus the way you get the bonus at the beginning, which will bring you 10 new spins.

How to play

The translucent game interface is always the same as Pragmatic, and everything you need is located at the bottom of the screen.In the review of this section, we will walk you through the steps of how to play Wild Wild Riches slot machine and have nothing before you start the game.

It’s usually a good idea to start with the game settings, as this allows you to configure the game to your liking.You can open the settings via the little burger menu icon at the bottom left of the screen. Here you can enable the fast spin option, which is very useful for people who prefer a higher spin speed. You can also turn on power saving mode if you play on your phone or tablet and are unable to charge for any reason.

The next time you load the game, you can turn off the intro screen, or you can turn on/off the game sound and music, respectively, here. After playing for a while, you can also view the game history here, and you can set the bet level for each spin to £ 25p to £ 125 (or between £ 30p to £ 150 per spin) and enable the Ante Bet option.

Wild Wild Riches

Speaking of the”bet“ option on the left, you can view the payment table by clicking on the”i ” icon on the left. Like from Pragmatic, you will see a dynamic payable where the symbol values are displayed as Tuvalu values and updated according to the bet level you choose.

You can also use the arrows to scroll through the payable and read all the information about the bonus features and the rules of the game. Finally, if you do not want to rotate the turntable manually, you can set the auto play function. You can choose between 10 to 100 automatic spins, and you can also turn on“Turbo mode”for a super fast gaming experience. You can also choose from a variety of options to stop the auto play feature.

Where to play Wild Wild Riches

Utility games are a well-known name in the industry, and when operators and players hear the name, they will know what will happen. Most people associate this kind of quality game with developers (often variable and potentially potential).You can find Wild Wild Riches in many different casinos and below will introduce you to the best options when playing this game.

Play for Real Money

If you want to take a chance, then you may already want to play this game.In order to give you the best overview, we regularly scan the entire casino market for you. At the top of this review, you will always find the online casino games in malaysia where you can play Wild Wild Riches slot machines, each with a unique welcome bonus for you. Follow the link here to get started right away.

Play the free demo version

There are a lot of Irish-themed games out there, so how do you know if that game is right for you? Well, the best way is to play the free demo version of the game first and then make up your mind. Of course, we have the Wild Wild Riches demo game at the top of the page. Just click on the link there and you can get started right away.

200 Spins Wild Wild Riches experience

The good thing about the Irish luck theme is that no matter what happens while playing, it’s hard not to feel comfortable with pleasant folk music, all the Lucky Charms and bright colors.We immediately see that Wild Wild Riches has all of this and we look forward to testing the luck of beginners with 200 first spins.

In a state of risk, we have enabled the Ante Bet (highest bet) feature to strive for the highest bet level. The game surprised us with the early Money Collect feature, where we won 13.86 times the principal from 5 different gold coins cans. The disadvantage of all the gold can symbols you place is that they occupy many of the main real estate on the reels. This will prevent other symbols from providing you with payments,as the gold can only pay when the collection function is triggered.

The good news is that you will actually trigger the collection function more often, and more often than we originally thought. After several crashes and winning a minor win, we got 2 necessary conditions again. This time, we won 13.33 times the principal.We recognize that these are not the main wins, but they still help you get into the bonus round.

Wild Wild RichesVideo Wild Wild Riches

After initial luck, we had a longer losing streak,but strong performance on the other side, winning with a nice collection feature of 22.5 times the principal. The game calls this a “big win”, but we’re hoping for a bigger prize. The Leprechaun must have listened to our prayers as we landed 2 wilds and a bonus symbol immediately, triggering the expected bonus round.

At the start of the free spins feature, we get a smaller “collect” win, but after a while we get only useless spins and minute wins.Our luck is almost over, as we got 2“big wins”of 15x and 20.9x through the“Collect”feature. All in all, we took 44.7 times the principal from the bonus round, but that was not enough to keep our base game losses even.